I studied physics at the University of Stuttgart, where I received a Dipl.-Phys. degree and graduated with a Master of Science from the University of Oregon, Eugene, USA.

Between 2012 and 2018, I worked as a research fellow at the 4th Physics Institute and Research Center SCoPE. In November 2017, I received my Ph.D. for the work on hydrogen in metal nanoparticles. I focused on how optical spectroscopy as well as analytical and numerical modeling can help to understand the thermodynamics of metal-hydrogen nanostructures.

Since, 2018 I work as a System Designer at Endress+Hauser group in the design of sensors and analyzers for process automation.

I use my skills in designing, building, and operating single nanoparticle spectroscopy tools to provide such optical setups to research groups and companies all over the world. In collaboration with Florian Sterl, Andreas Tittl, and Harald Giessen we create high resolution integrated dark-field and bright-field microscopy and spectroscopy setups with customized self-built software tools to perform automated time-, temperature-, and gas pressure-dependent spectroscopic measurements one the single nanoparticle level.

In addition to this work, I create 3D drawings illustrating research projects and visualizing scientific content.

If you are interested in finding out more about my work and expertise, do not hesitate to contact me via info@strohfeldt-ot.com.